Our Story

Bloom Luxury was founded to provide consumers access to the best roses in the world,while providing a luxury handcrafted experience. We are family owned and operate out of Brooklyn, NY. Our luxury roses are grown in Ecuador right on the equator, the closest place on earth to the sun. Our farms are in the Andes Mountains, at a high altitude up to 3,000 meters above sea level. The goal is to get as close to the sun as possible and we've accomplished that.

Our farms harvest your luxury roses 1 to 2 weeks later than your average rose farm from California or South America. The extended growing period gives the roses more nutrients to develop their petals and stems. As a result, Bloom Luxury roses,are more robust and have larger flower heads.

Slava Kotlyarsky, President/CEO

Owning a wholesale flower business prior to Bloom Luxury has enabled Slava to forge relationships with the highest quality farms in Ecuador and Colombia. Slava is responsible for sourcing the finest roses planet Earth has to offer.

Alessandra Kotlyarsky, Vice President/COO

Experienced in management and customer service, Alessandra is responsible for daily operations of Bloom Luxury. Being detail-oriented, every arrangement must pass her quality control before being shipped out.