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The Preserved Collection

The Preserved Collection is the ultimate in enduring elegance, featuring maintenance-free luxury roses that last a year or more. Available in your choice of 21 natural rose colors, our perfectly preserved premium Ecuadorian forever roses make the ideal long-lasting gift for someone extra special. With zero watering, rose care, or sunlight required, the Preserved Collection provides 365+ days of effortless, exquisite beauty.

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The Originale Collection

The Originale Collection embraces our luxury roses’ natural elegance, and lets the beauty and quality of our roses speak for themselves. This collection features five natural rose color choices: red, white, yellow, pink, and lavender; and is available in three classic arrangement styles: single color, two-color checkered, and two-color striped. Ideal for sending a classic, yet sophisticated statement, The Originale Collection elevates the gift of traditional roses to a whole new level of luxury.

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The Dyed Collection

The Dyed Collection redefines the beauty of natural roses, and makes for a unique and unrivalled gift. Available in nine radiant color choices, The Dyed Collection features our luxury white roses artfully hand-dyed to achieve a vibrance and creativity that even nature can’t compete with. It’s no surprise that this collection is one of our most popular—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

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The Edge Collection

The Edge Collection makes a stylish statement, and is guaranteed to turn heads. Achieved by airbrushing the outer edge of our luxury white roses to create a striking contrast with the inner natural white petals, The Edge Collection connects nature with creativity. Select from eight airbrush colors, and impress your loved one with an arrangement that showcases the extraordinary.

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The Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is elite, and elegantly understated. It’s the perfect gift for someone extra special, who admires nature’s beauty, and enjoys the finer things in life. Featuring the most remarkable rose varietals in the world, in your choice of seven delicate, natural hues, The Reserve Collection speaks for itself, and leaves an impression of purity, rarity, and exclusivity.

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The Metallic Collection

The Metallic Collection exudes royalty, and transforms luxury white roses into living metallic artworks, reminiscent of fine jewels. Opulent and impressive, this arrangement is available in your choice of gold or platinum, and is achieved by a proprietary airbrushing process. There’s no question, The Metallic Collection is a luxurious gift that stands out, and showcases your generosity.

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There's nothing quite like the luxury gift of long stem roses to express heartfelt emotion. Roses are the universal language of love, affection, and compassion. Bloom Luxury delivers the highest quality oof roses in the world, to any doorstep in the nation.
Whether you seek to surprise a loved one, make an unforgettable romantic statement. or give a gift that leaves a lasting impression, we have a luxury rose collectionto cater to your gifting needs.Browse our long stemmed rose collections above, and experience the Bloom Luxury difference.